Chief of Staff

New York, United States Full-time

About GiveDirectly

GiveDirectly's mission is to reshape international giving - and millions of lives - by delivering unconditional, direct cash transfers to the poor. The Brookings Institution estimates that $80B of cash transfers would be required to eliminate the poverty gap; the aid sector currently spends $140B each year, much of which is spent on evidence-free interventions.  We want to change that, establishing a benchmark as Vanguard did for the financial industry, which will challenge donors and NGOs to make the case that they can do more good for the poor with a dollar than the poor can do for themselves

Since 2011, GiveDirectly has raised over 240M, delivered cash to more than 100,000 families, and has been widely celebrated as one of the most innovative non-profit companies.  The Guardian writes, “GiveDirectly…has sent shockwaves through the charity sector. While the New York Times Magazine adds, “The beautiful thing about GiveDirectly’s approach is that it lets people devise their own path out of poverty.” GiveDirectly’s leading role in the movement towards cash transfers has also been featured in outlets such as  NPR, Foreign Affairs, and The Economist.

We’re looking for exceptional talent to help grow GiveDirectly and the broader movement.  Our culture is honest, direct, analytical, non-hierarchical, fast-paced, transparent, and hard working.  We are open to candidates from any industry and typically recruit from top schools/firms and offer competitive salary and benefits.

Role overview:

You will join the core partnerships team at GiveDirectly that is responsible for driving new and innovative partnerships with foundations, companies, and governments. You will report to the Chief Operating Office, providing day-to-day support to help ensure that mission-critical processes are well structured & run, while also helping drive special projects and initiatives. Core functions include:

  • Supporting the COO on external relationships, including prep and follow-up from meetings
  • Maintaining run-rate partnerships functions and processes (e.g., OKRs, new project protocols)
  • Collaborating on cross-functional initiatives with other pillars within GiveDirectly (e.g., growth and data)
  • Driving one-off research initiatives and analyses that help to inform key proposals and initiatives
  • Owning and developing key grant proposals

What we're looking for:

An individual with a strong drive to take ownership, a desire to work on a fast-paced team, and an interest in building, managing and scaling key relationships and projects with partners and, in turn, maximizing GiveDirectly’s impact. Other things we’d like to see:

  • Exceptional communication and organizational skills
  • Strong interest in and aptitude for project management
  • Demonstrated ability to maintain calm and good judgment in a fast-paced & dynamic environment
  • A proclivity for giving (and gracefully receiving) direct, honest feedback
  • Ideally ~2 years of experience in a top private or public sector organization