Data and Analytics

New York, United States Full-time

About GiveDirectly

What if, instead of telling the global poor what they need, we gave them money and let them decide for themselves? GiveDirectly is asking this question, and in the process, aiming to reshape the ~150 billion dollar international aid industry. Our approach relies on a simple and provocative tool: direct, unconditional cash transfers to the poorest people on the planet. Cash transfers are backed by rigorous data (dozens of studies show impact on the world’s most vulnerable populations) and disrupt the traditional charity paradigm by placing decision-making power in the hands of recipients. We are building a conversation and a community around putting evidence and choice at the center of giving, with the poor themselves - not donors - writing the narrative.

As one of the fastest-growing international non-profits, we have scaled our end-to-end platform to send cash to hundreds of thousands of individuals. More broadly, our unorthodox approach has driven debate in press and policy circles (e.g., NPR’s This American Life, Foreign Affairs, The Economist, New York Times, The Guardian) and allied us with key thought leaders in the philanthropy space (, ranked as top charity for GiveWell 5 years in a row).

We are committed to accelerating the growth of our brand and platform by recruiting exceptional talent and leveraging technology (from digital data collection to last-mile electronic payment systems). Our culture is blunt, analytical, non-hierarchical, fast-paced, and transparent, and we’re looking for people that match that description. We are open to candidates from any industry; we typically recruit from top private-sector firms and offer competitive salary and benefits.


As a member of the Data and Analytics team, you’ll be responsible for designing and implementing data systems across various domains of GiveDirectly. Your skillset and work product will enable GiveDirectly to continue rapidly scaling its field and fundraising platforms.

You will leverage technology, design workflows and provide analytics that make us more secure and productive. You will partner with end users to identify pain points and build solutions. You are a systems thinker who is comfortable assessing tradeoffs. You are versatile, comfortable with taking ownership, and can navigate unfamiliar settings. You can excel at both 10,000 feet as well as in the weeds of complex problems.



  • Design and implement data-centric special projects, examples include mapping potential risks in our payments processes, launching dashboards to track performance of field staff and revenue growth.
  • Provide technology and data support for innovative field programs targeting new vulnerable populations (e.g. refugees, malnourished families etc.)
  • Run and improve the data platforms that we use for analytics, recipient management, revenue management etc.
  • Manage and run a regular technology release cycle that keeps our technology stack responsive to field needs
  • Run a monthly payment process that ensures our recipients are paid accurately and on time

We are looking for people with

  • At least 2 years of professional experience in management consulting/ finance/ data analytics/ program management/ product management
  • Strong analytical skills--able to leverage tools to extract and analyze data to make operational decisions
  • Significant interest in technology, systems design and building
  • Experience in coming up with timelines, collaborating with stakeholders, project management & end to end implementations
  • Proficient in excel. Bonus but not necessary: SQL, Tableau, Python
  • A willingness to problem solve, learn new problems and jump into new roles
  • A willingness to give and receive direct, honest feedback
  • Deep interest in social impact/poverty alleviation/international development