Office Assistant

Monrovia | Full-time


Job Title: Office Assistant

Location: Liberia

Reports to: Operations Manager 

Direct Reports: None

Role Overview:

The Office Assistant shall be responsible to provide administrative and logistical support within the shared services and finance function. S/he shall provide clerical assistance, and assist with maintaining efficient office operations such as copying/filing of documents, managing reports and resources, scheduling  and coordinating events and other run rate operations activities under the supervision of the Operations Manager. The Office Assistant ensures that operational activities are conducted according to policies and procedures and in compliance with GD policies and procedures. The role will reward effective communication skills, attention to detail, organizational skills, and a strong commitment towards building a scalable and better-leveraged field organization.


Facility Management

  • Keep maintenance and repair records; perform preventive maintenance on all vehicles; order repair parts;
  • Ensure office building including toilets, kitchen, offices and compound conform to recommended standard;


  • Support the Senior Admin Officer with meeting deadlines for all regulatory filings and inform management on risks associated with filings;
  • Issue and manage contracts and remind managers of probation deadlines for all staff;
  • Set up, maintain and manage employee files and keeping the employee database up to date;
  • Assist with the cleaning up of office yard and building;
  • Deliver and collect expat documents to/from GOL agencies;
  • Ensure that the bathrooms are kept clean and hand towels changed on a daily basis;
  • Assist in tracking the receipt of newspapers and subsidized email;
  • Assist with ad hoc logistical tasks to ensure the smooth running of office functions and team events (retreat set-up, internet breaks);
  • Ensure timely packaging of field equipment of new joiners without affecting operations; 

Human Resources

  • Ensure new joiners and their beneficiaries are added to GiveDirectly group medical insurance  and Social Security list and are removed when they separate from GiveDirectly;
  • Assist the Operations Manager with administration for employee medical insurance;
  • Help to organise logistics for staff training as necessary;
  • Assist with organising onboarding training for new staff, ensuring all necessary information and forms are filled out by new employees; 
  • Maintain updated employee records on Payspace;
  • Support on implementing activities and events oriented around team-building;


  • Daily filing of all bank physical payment vouchers;
  • Weekly preparation of HQ phone count certificates for FinM review, scanning, and uploading to gdrive;
  • Weekly downloading from slack of all field phone certificates submitted by AFMs/phone custodians and uploading to gdrive;
  • Monthly downloading from slack of all field cash books submitted by AFMs/petty cash custodians and uploading them to gdrive;
  • Monthly downloading from slack of all field cash certificates submitted by AFMs/petty cash custodians and uploading them to gdrive;
  • Monthly download of LRA tax receipts and uploading to gdrive;
  • Monthly scanning of LRA and NASSCORP filing and payments docs and uploading them on gdrive
  • Regular preparation of HQ cash count certificates (3 to 4 X/month) after count with AO, scanning and uploading to gdrive;
  • Weekly preparation of HQ phone count certificates after count, scanning and uploading to gdrive
  • Monthly follow up with LRA for tax payments receipts and obtain them;
  • Quarterly coordination of tax clearance application, follow up for and obtaining of tax clearance certificate;
  • Monthly payment of LRA tax at bank;
  • Monthly payment of contributions at NASSCORP;
  • HQ regular petty cash count and cashbook reconciliation with AO for petty cash replenishment – 3 to 4 times in a month – excludes FinM’s EOM cash count;
  • Monthly downloading of AFMs/ petty cash custodians petty cash request docs, 1-page analysis of request for FinM review and payment;
  • Bi weekly listing/populating of vendors invoices for FinM to line up on bank;
  • Weekly HQ phone count under 100% supervision of FinM – excludes FinM’s EOM phone counts;
  • Stamp all paid vouchers and attached invoices/payment request docs with “PAID” prior to filing


GD Values


  1. Recipients first.

We prioritize recipient preferences over those of donors or ourselves.

  1. Team next.

We do what’s best for organizational - not individual - success.

  1. Be proactively candid.

Wsay what we believe, and are honest in sharing information.

  1. Create positive energy  

We strive to be a source - not drain - of energy for our colleagues.

  1. Think rigorously; act quickly.

We are intellectually rigorous with a drive towards action - not debate.

  1. Accept reality. Propose solutions.

We do not dwell on problems. We work actively to create solutions.

  1. Be productively ambitious.

We take the risks to pursue industry-changing success, not incremental progress.

  1. Know yourself and grow.

We recognize and accept our imperfections with a focus on growth.