Associate Field Manager, Internal Audit (Internal Applicants from IA Team Only)

Liberia | Full-time


Job Description

Role overview: The Associate Field Manager (AFM) will play a central role in ensuring that GiveDirectly delivers a gold-standard product to donors and recipients. The Associate Field Manager will manage the Field Officers (FOs). The Associate Field Manager will own day-to-day management of their team, including: daily work planning and team management, tracking team and individual performance; achieving targets; coaching Field Officers; and identifying opportunities for risk mitigation and process improvement. The Associate Field Manager will serve as the key “eyes and ears” resource on the ground for the Program Manager (PM) and will be responsible for regularly synthesizing updates on team performance as well as field successes and challenges. The role will reward exceptional personnel management, organizational skills, high-quality judgment on operational challenges, and a strong commitment towards driving both team and individual productivity and quality.                                            


Field management (20%)

  • Meet with field teams every morning to align plans for the day and solve field challenges Coordinate team approach for village surveys each day to maximize efficiency and productivity. Ensure teams get to the field on time
  • Track FO productivity & quality of service, including reviewing operational reports each week; discuss team and individual performance weekly with FOs and IA Manager; be primarily responsible for course correction if metrics are slipping
  • Keep senior management informed of key risks to the work plan (e.g. village-specific challenges, political instability, rumors about GiveDirectly, recipient refusals, terrain challenges during rainy seasons, etc.)
  • Meet weekly with other members of field management (IA Manager,, other AFMs) in order to discuss challenges in the field and propose solutions
  • Meet with IA Manager at least once per month to discuss any adjustments to work plans

Data collection and process improvement (20%)

  • Collect surveys on average 1-2 days a week in order to help teams achieve targets and to help identify areas for improvement
  •  Vet new versions of surveys, including impact on field staff productivity, and recommend survey improvements as necessary (e.g. potential process gaps)
  • Raise ideas for continuous improvement of the enrollment process/recipient experience; execute process improvements and ideas raised by the IA Manager/Country Director


Quality control (15%)

  • Monitor and ensure quality control when the field staff conduct surveys
  • Periodically check and review FO data collection in the field and coach staff to correct any issues observed
  • Spend 1-2 days resolving difficult cases in the field that require special attention (hard-to-find recipients, cases of potential fraud)

Field Officer management and development (15%)

  • Coach FOs on challenges that come up in the field. Provide additional case-specific input as requested by FOs (e.g. ambiguity around potential impostor)
  • Exercise judgment and escalate recurring issues or questions to the IA Manager
  • Coach FOs who are underperforming and provide disciplinary measures when necessary
  • Encourage teamwork and improve morale through mentorship, affirmations, and various management initiatives
  • Spend 1-2 days per week shadowing staff in order to identify areas for improvement and professional development, particularly during staff training
  • Conduct monthly performance check-ins with direct reports and annual performance reviews

Administration (20%)

  • Ensure all allowance requests and spent allowance requests are submitted correctly and promptly
  • Ensure timesheets are accurately submitted in a timely fashion
  • Process leave requests so as not to conflict with work planning and operations 
  • Resolve miscellaneous equipment requests
  • Participate in a weekly field-management forum to solve problems and collaborate on work planning

 Other (10%)

  • Arrange interview logistics and conduct interviews for new FOs (after initial screen from HR Manager). Recommend potential hires to Program Manager for final approval
  • Provide initial training to newly hired FOs and on-going professional development to staff. Participate in meetings with district, sector and cell officials as necessary. Represent GiveDirectly in the field and manage daily communication with local leaders
  • Assist Internal Audit Manager with hosting journalists, donors, and other external parties
  • Assist Internal Audit Manager with communicating and executing new projects/pilots/technologies (e.g. software changes and upgrades, recipient targeting projects, content collection for website and mobile app, etc.)
  • Assist with response to “crisis” events (e.g. refusal spikes, government shut-down, coordinated fraud, etc.)
  • Promote effective team culture by encouraging recognition of positive achievements, planning team events periodically, and other team-building initiatives